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Taller deMovimiento yCreatividad

Si estás buscando explorar nuevas formas de conexión con tu cuerpo y despertar tu creatividad,

¡Mi taller de movimiento y creatividad es perfecto para vos!

Te invito a sumergirte en una experiencia enriquecedora que integra diferentes medios de expresión.


Descubrirás cómo enriquecer cuerpo, mente y espíritu mientras te sumerges en un viaje de autoexploración y creatividad. ¡Te espero!

Bailar es luchar contra todo lo que retiene, todo lo que es sepulta, todo lo que pesa y agobia. Es descubrir con el cuerpo la esencia y el alma de la vida.
Es entrar en comunicación física con la libertad.
Bailar es practicar un arte sagrado

expressive arts

creative connection

In the Expressive Arts sessions  I work from the person-centered approach and the framework of Buddhist psychology.

Through movement, music, visual arts, creative writing, and meditation, self-expression, creativity, awareness, and higher states of consciousness are promoted.

By moving consciously we open ourselves to sensations and emotions that we can express in color or shapes. When we then write the words can arise when before we could not find the words to express ourselves.

While traditional forms of coaching, counseling and psychological therapy tend to rely exclusively on verbal dialogue, expressive arts therapy uses a wide range of self-expression methods that can help us achieve greater awareness and fulfillment.

The focus is on the process, the goal is not to create beautiful art, or choreographies or books to publish. The goal is self-awareness which is transmitted in positive and constructive actions in our lives.

The inner journey through the expressive arts can be a sacred and often mystical experience that leads you to rediscover your creativity and self-acceptance.

in the workshops
  Creative dance for children  We explore the concepts of movement, interaction with others, interaction with elements, choreographic composition, plastic arts, stories, and meditation. 
They are workshops that investigate the interrelationship of the arts and the possibility of expressing oneself in different media with ease and confidence.
"It's hard to put into words the depth and power of the expressive arts process. Really, the only way to understand it is to try it."

Natalie Rogers, Ph.D., REAT

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